Qingdao Jade New Material Engaging in Polymer Optical Additives


Nowadays, it became a hot topic that the optical properties of polymer materials. The researching trends are around below aspects.
1. The light stabilization of polymers. The point is to find a solution on anti-aging of polymers in
ultraviolet radiation environment. What’s more, the traditional sanitizer ethylene oxide is facing elimination, so the stabilization of polymer in medical materials under UV light or Gamma ray is more and more concerned.
2. The property of absorbing high-energy blue ray. It means by adding blue ray absorbers,
polymers are able to absorbing high-energy blue ray in order to protect the eyes from the harm of blue ray.
3. The property of absorbing visual light of the polymers. Some of the optical material and
polymer lens are able to absorbing certain part of visual light.
4. The absorption of infrared ray. By using infrared ray absorber to realize some special functions
such as heat insulation, infrared sensing and laser welding.


Chart 1:Different optical polymer additives in different wavelength

1. UV Radiation(290-400nm)is very destructive light to polymer. It will stimulate the polymer produce harmful free radical group at multiple of geometric growth, which will accelerate the aging of polymers.
UV Absorber will slow the aging and increase weatherability of polymers by transforming the Harmful UV Radiation into Heat, Like the Benzotriazole (eg, JADEWIN UV 326,JADEWIN UV 571) , Benzophenone (eg, JADEWIN UV 531) and Trazine(eg, JADEWIN UV 1577, JADEWIN UV1164, JADEWIN UV 400).
JADE NEW MATERAIL TECHNOLOGY also achieved great success in ANTI-GAMMA Radiation by promotion of JADEWIN ANTI-GAMMA, which is welcomed and being used by many none-wave Fabric manufacturers and Medical facilities producers, both domestic and abroad. 
2. Blue Ray is another harmful high energy light.Similar function like UV Radiation to polymer, blue ray could penetrate the crystalline Lens of eyes and hit the Macula of the Retina and stimulate the Retina produce free radical groups, which will accelerate aging of the retinal pigment epithelium and go dead finally. Once the cell on Macula go aging or dead, the vision will be impaired heavily and even go blind. More deadly, the injury on eye is irreversible and incurable.What’s more, when exposed to blue ray environment, the nervous system will disorder and produce less melatonin. Less melatonin will keep the people awake and insomnia.
Although blue ray is harmful, it only take a small percentage in sunlight, so the damage on Macula goes slowly under natural condition. However Blue Ray take large percentage in light emitted by Screen of smart Electronic products (eg.Computer, Ipad,Smart phone and LED Television).
Our eyes exposed to large amount of Harmful blue ray, tens even hundreds times higher than that of natural condition. As a result, the macular degeneration has a trend of attacking younger. 
JADEW NEW MATERIAL TECHNOLOGY promoted it’s blue ray absorbers(JADEWIN BL1227, JADEWIN BL1227,JADEWINL LQ-01 and etc) that are widely used in films, Adhesives for Optical material, Optical Coating , AB Glues, Pressure Sensitive Glue. The end application of Anti-Blue Ray Absorber covers smart phone film, Automobile Film, Optical Lens and etc. 
The JADEWIN Anti-Blue Ray Absorbers are also enjoy big market in Security Ink for National Defense ,Bank note and etc.
3. Light wavelength between 400-760nm is belong to visible Light. JADEWIN Visible Light Absorber could absorb light upto 760nm, but allow other light through. Light of wavelength 900nm has the highest transmittance. JADEWIN Visible Light Absorber is mainly used in infrared sensitive material based on polymers, Optical component for remote control and also security ink.
4. Light wavelength above 760nm is called Infrared . JADEWIN Infrared Absorbers and it’s Masterbatch could help clients realize absorption for specific light wavelength but allow other visible light through.It has wide application in thermal insulation material (eg. Thermal Insulation Glass of Airport , Museum and Stadium), Optical Lens,Plastic Laser Welding, Security Ink, National Defense and Civil Industry.JADE NEW Material Technology is preparing for patent protection of it’s Infrared ray absorbers.
JADE NEW MATERIAL TECHNOLOGY as an innovative and outstanding polymer additives supplier, it will delicate itself into R&D of polymer Optical materials.And it has established cooperation with several Universities and Institutions. In the coming year, it will keep investment in R&D in improving Material properties by introducing more polymer additives to market. It will keep promise of giving instant response to clients’ needs and giving solutions by innovation.