Create a Green Life and Protect Our Beautiful Home


April 22 is World Earth Day. It is a festival specially set up for the protection of the world's environment. Its purpose is to raise people's awareness of existing environmental problems and mobilize people to participate in the environmental protection campaign to improve the overall environment of the earth through a green and low-carbon life. Earth Day was launched in 1970. Today, Earth Day celebrations have expanded to 192 countries around the world with more than 1 billion people participating each year, making it the world's largest folk environmental protection festival. This year is the 51st World Earth Day. 
In recent years, the environmental pollution has become more and more serious, and the environmental problems have been paid more and more attention. Just look at the past four months of this year, Australia's wildfires have just ended, locusts in Southeast Asia are still migrating, and the new crown virus that is ravaging the world is still spreading ... In the year of disaster, facing various problems such as environmental pollution and climate change, how should we live in the present and be responsible to the earth? 
We can do the following in our daily work: 
1. Save: Save water and electricity, form a good habit of turning off lights, save resources and save energy. 
2. Reuse: To learn to reuse, choose secondary printing paper to record informal information, arrange printing waste paper to fold into storage baskets, and collect waste water bottles to cultivate green plants. Encourage interesting creativity and jointly beautify the office environment. 
3. Garbage classification: garbage classification is the new fashion, and it is necessary to do a good job of classification when throwing garbage.
 4. Green travel: After the epidemic has passed, we will try our best to walk, ride bicycles and take public transport. 
5. Establish environmental awareness: call on people around you to join the ranks of environmental protection and contribute to the protection of the earth.
Qingdao Jade New Material Technology Co., Ltd. pays attention to environmental protection in all aspects. Our polymer additives make plastics and polymers more durable, thus reducing the emissions to a certain extent, making the sky bluer and the water clearer. We also pay attention to environmental protection in our daily office production and life, saving water and electricity, reusing resources, recycling cartons and practicing green life.
 Qingdao Jade New Material Technology Co., Ltd. hopes to join hands with you to create a green life and protect our beautiful home.