New Blue Ray Absorber JADEWIN UVBL1208


Recently, The China R&D Center of Qingdao JADE New Material Technology successfully developed a new generation Blue Ray Absorber JADEWIN UVBL1208. 
It well overcomes the limitation of traditional UV Absorbers, that have weak or even zero absorption of UV wavelength above 380nm.

As a big scientific breakthrough of Qingdao JADE New Material Technology ,JADEWIN UV BL1208 could absorb 99% UV Light at 380nm, the highest absorption wavelength up to 440nm.

It have below incomparable features
-Low Color, The Appearance is Light Yellow powder, it has little Residual color in finished products, particular for optical lens and films
-Low Volatiles and good compatibility with most commercial resins.
-High weatherability , JADEWIN UVBL 1208 has very stable chemical structure could keep effect for much longer time
- Processable like common additives,dispersed easily, no foggy or bloom in optical lens.
-Wide Absorption range for both Ultraviolet and Blue Ray up to 440nm
-Widely application in adhesives,solvent borne paints and varnishes, PMMA, CTA, CDA and also suitable for sun glass lenses resins of TAC, PC and PMMA
As a professional and advanced Polymer Additive supplier, Qingdao Jade New Material has the most experienced material and Chemical Engineers and also establish cooperation relations with international famous institutes and Optical material companies in Taiwan,Korea and Japan. In Anti-Blue Ray Industry , Qingdao Jade New Material Technology has developed eight products , eg, JADEWIN UVBL 1205/1206/1208, JADEWIN BL 1226/1227, JADEWIN BL LQ-01/LQ-2.
It brings innovation and new idea in the whole optical industry, the manager director of QINGDAO JADE NEW MATERIAL TECHNOLGY said it will keep its development and investment in Polymer Additive industry to keep innovation and supply more excellent products and better service for the clients.

In the annual conversation of international optical association, many world top experts pointed out that the High-energy visible light could penetrate crystalline lens and hit retina directly. High-energy blue light could produce free radicals at the retina, those free radicals may lead the cell of pigment epithelium dead at the retina, the death of pigment epithelium will cause the decrease of light sensitive cells because of lacking of nutrition then impair the sight finally. What’s more, this kind of damage is irreversible and incurable. 


As the common LED screen could emit strong high-energy blue light with range between 380-460nm.In modern life, people spend a lot of time on cellphone, laptop, pad and other kinds of digital products, our eyes bears tens even hundreds times of UV and blue ray radiation than anytime of the history. Therefore we should be alerted of the harm of high-energy blue light to our eyes.