ABOUT Qingdao Jade

Qingdao Jade New Material Technology is a professional polymer Stabilizer supplier in the World.

With global plants, Our business line covers Antioxidant,UV Stabilizer( UVA and HALS),Optical Brightener, Brominated Flame retardant and Nucleating Agent,Photo Initiator and new innovative Chemicals Blue Ray Absorber and Near Infrared Absorber.

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  • Introduction and application of UV ABSORBER 328

    JADEWIN 328 is a kind of light yellow powder solid, which can effectively absorb ultraviolet radiation of 220-340 nanometers, but rarely absorb visible light. It has good thermal stability and optical stability, light color, non-toxic compatibility, low volatile and easy to process.

  • Introduction and application of UV ABSORBER 360

    JADEWIN 360 is a kind of high efficiency ultraviolet absorption agent, can be widely and a variety of resins compatible, has a very low volatility, no color change no pollution in the processing temperature under the non-volatile ultraviolet absorption agent, and light yellow solid powder synergism when used with light stabilizer, insoluble in water, soluble in ester benzene solvents, with high thermal stability.


    Everyone is familiar with blue light, which is a part of natural visible light. Sunlight and electronic screens can emit blue light. Now, mobile phone toughened film glasses, lenses and lenses that prevent blue light are all necessities in our life.