ABOUT Qingdao Jade

Qingdao Jade New Material Technology is a professional polymer Stabilizer supplier in the World.

With global plants, Our business line covers Antioxidant,UV Stabilizer( UVA and HALS),Optical Brightener, Brominated Flame retardant and Nucleating Agent,Photo Initiator and new innovative Chemicals Blue Ray Absorber and Near Infrared Absorber.

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  • Introduction and application of JADEWIN AN 1520

    JADEWIN AN 1520 is a new kind of high molecular weight liquid antioxidant, mainly used in butadiene rubber butadiene rubber ethylene propylene rubber butadiene rubber thermoplastic elastomer and other synthetic rubber, its dosage is small, good antioxidant effect, can improve the stability of plastics or synthetic plastics belongs to the environmental protection antioxidant, has realized the rubber products from the general type to the environmental change.


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  • Car sunscreen - Light stabilizer

    In the automotive industry, the role of modified plastics is becoming more and more obvious.

  • Introduction and application of JADEWIN LS119

    How much do you know about light stabilizers? Now I would like to introduce one of our products, JADEWIN LS119.