ABOUT Qingdao Jade

Qingdao Jade New Material Technology is a professional polymer Stabilizer supplier in the World.

With global plants, Our business line covers Antioxidant,UV Stabilizer( UVA and HALS),Optical Brightener, Brominated Flame retardant and Nucleating Agent,Photo Initiator and new innovative Chemicals Blue Ray Absorber and Near Infrared Absorber.

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  • JADEWIN Waterborne UV absorber UV-1

    In today's increasingly focus on environmental protection and sustainable development, water-based system materials for its low VOC (volatile organic compounds) emissions, good environmental compatibility and a wide range of application prospects, is gradually becoming the new favorite in a number of industrial fields. However, these materials in the face of ultraviolet rays in the sun, often appear to be more vulnerable to yellowing, aging and other phenomena, seriously affecting the appearance and performance of the product. For this reason, an efficient, environmentally friendly water-based UV absorber is particularly important, and JADEWIN water-based UV absorber UV-1 is such an innovative product with multiple advantages.


    JADEWIN UV 531L is a highly effective UV absorber specifically designed to absorb UV light in the wavelength range of 240-340nm. This property makes it ideal for use in a wide range of industrial applications. As an isomer of UV absorber 531, 531L not only retains the efficient UV absorption, but also has superior dispersibility due to its liquid appearance, which makes it easier and more efficient to use.


    Polymerization inhibitor 510 is mainly used as a polymerization inhibitor for olefin resins, which can be used in coatings, adhesives, photoresists, printing inks, printing plates and unsaturated polyester resins, vinyl monomers, acrylate oligomers. monomer, acrylate oligomer, in the formulation of the system polymerization inhibitor NPAL additive is very low, usually 0.01%-0.10%.

  • JADEWIN UV 360--Can absorb 300-400nm

    JADEWIN UV 360 is a highly effective UV absorber specifically designed to absorb UV light in the wavelength range of 300-400 nm. This absorber is particularly suitable for polymer materials with high processing temperatures, such as polycarbonate (PC) systems, due to its low volatility and high weatherability properties.