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Qingdao Jade New Material Technology is a professional polymer Stabilizer supplier in the World.

With global plants, Our business line covers Antioxidant,UV Stabilizer( UVA and HALS),Optical Brightener, Brominated Flame retardant and Nucleating Agent,Photo Initiator and new innovative Chemicals Blue Ray Absorber and Near Infrared Absorber.

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  • Introduction and application of UV absorbent UVA PLUS

    JADEWIN UVA Plus is a broad band oil soluble uv absorbent, this product has a strong uv absorption of the entire UVA band (320-400nm), the maximum absorption peak of 354nm. It is one of the best uv absorbers in UVA band.

  • Introduction and application of JADEWIN YYDT

    This product is liquid class antioxidant, USES the most popular a kind of broad-spectrum antioxidant, is widely used in polyurethane, in foaming process due to reflect strong exothermic, alarming and spontaneous combustion phenomenon, often cause the sponge products all year round, the weather changes, such as reason to add, add after does not affect the physical reflection of the bubble and inner quality, is not effect on foaming formulation, More better to improve the thermal stability of polyether, through user feedback information in recent years, fully demonstrated the reliability of the product, it has obvious effect, the characteristics of easy to use, is currently in the process of the polyether foam products and the most ideal liquid antioxidant, the liquid antioxidant products polyurethane users welcome.