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Qingdao Jade New Material Technology is a professional polymer Stabilizer supplier in the World.

With global plants, Our business line covers Antioxidant,UV Stabilizer( UVA and HALS),Optical Brightener, Brominated Flame retardant and Nucleating Agent,Photo Initiator and new innovative Chemicals Blue Ray Absorber and Near Infrared Absorber.

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  • Introduction and application of light stabilizer 3346

    Light stabilizer is a kind of material which can inhibit or weaken the degradation of light to plastic and improve the light resistance of plastic raw materials. Most of them can absorb ultraviolet light, so they are also called ultraviolet absorbers.

  • Introduction and application of JADEWIN 5057

    JADEWIN 5057 is a liquid blocked amine antioxidant, which not only maintains the excellent antioxidant properties of blocked amine, but also has a unique liquid nature, which is easy to measure and transport.

  • Introduction and application of anti yellowing agent 130

    Yellowing resistance refers to the phenomenon of yellowing when articles are exposed to natural light, ultraviolet, heat, oxygen, stress, chemical etching, moisture and other environment and improper production process. The process of anti yellowing is very complex, involving many aspects, but the prevention of a certain point can not meet the standard, yellowing is mainly caused by aging. To control yellowing is to control the aging process. Then aging is divided into thermal aging, oxygen aging and ozone (static electricity belongs to ozone, because static electricity produces ozone). Gas corrosion aging, heavy metal oxidation aging, reaction aging, ultraviolet aging, etc.

  • Introduction and application of JADEWIN UV 328

    The role of light screen agent is like setting a barrier between the polymer and light radiation, so that the light can not be directly radiated to the inside of the polymer, can make the inside of the polymer from ultraviolet harm, thus effectively inhibiting photooxidation degradation. This is different to be able to shade or reflect ultraviolet material, so that the light can not penetrate into the interior of the polymer, thus playing the role of protection of the polymer. There are inorganic pigments such as carbon black, titanium oxide and organic pigments such as phthalocyanine blue and phthalocyanine green, among which carbon black has the best shielding effect.