In many industrial applications, viscosity changes and gel formation of liquids may adversely affect the quality and performance of products. JADEWIN AN1010, which has shown excellent performance in reducing viscosity changes and gel formation. This article will introduce for you the properties of JADEWIN AN1010, application areas and its role in reducing viscosity changes and the formation of gel mechanism.

I. Properties of JADEWIN AN1010

JADEWIN AN1010 is a widely used in the industrial field of chemical additives. It is the main organic polymer antioxidant, the chemical name is tetra (Β-(3,5-di-tert-butyl 4-hydroxyphenyl) propionic acid) pentaerythritol ester. JADEWIN AN1010 has the following properties:

Antioxidant properties: It can effectively inhibit the oxidation reaction of oxygen to substances, thus delaying the process of aging and deterioration of substances.

Thermal stability: It can remain stable even under high temperature conditions and will not degrade or fail due to the increase of temperature.

Low volatility: low volatility during processing and use, not easy to dissipate, can function for a long time.

Colorless and tasteless: colorless and tasteless itself, will not have negative impact on the appearance and quality of the product.

Second, the application of JADEWIN AN1010

Due to its excellent properties, antioxidant 1010 is widely used in many fields, including but not limited to

Rubber industry: It can be used in the production process of rubber products to effectively extend the service life of rubber and improve its anti-aging performance.

Plastic industry: It can be used in the processing of various plastic products to prevent the degradation and deterioration of plastic due to oxidation reaction and prolong its service life.

Coating industry: It can be used as a stabilizer for coatings to prevent the oxidation reaction on the surface of the coating and improve the durability and gloss of the coating.

Third, JADEWIN AN1010 in reducing viscosity changes and the formation of gel mechanism of action

Reduce viscosity change: JADEWIN AN1010 slows down the process of viscosity change of liquids by inhibiting the reaction of free radicals in liquids and hindering the oxidation reaction of oxygen and substances. It can stabilize the chemical structure of the liquid, reduce the rate of increase in viscosity, so that the liquid in use or processing to maintain a more stable viscosity.

Formation of gel: JADEWIN AN1010 can react with other compounds in some systems to form cross-linked structures and promote the formation of gels. Such gels have good stability and structural properties and are widely used in various industrial fields.


As a multifunctional compound with excellent antioxidant properties, thermal stability and low volatility, JADEWIN AN1010 is widely used in rubber, plastics, coatings and other fields. In reducing viscosity changes and forming gels, JADEWIN AN1010 acts by inhibiting free radical reactions and forming cross-linked structures. It provides a reliable solution for industrial production and ensures the stability of product quality and performance. With the continuous progress of science and technology, the application prospects of JADEWIN AN1010 in more fields will be more extensive.