In our daily life and work, we are exposed to UV radiation, which can cause irreversible damage to our skin and polymer products. In order to protect our skin and extend the life of polymer products, we need an efficient and reliable UV protection agent. JADEWIN UVP can provide a wide range of UV protection, this article will introduce the characteristics of JADEWIN UVP, application areas and its protective effect on polymers.

I. JADEWIN UVP characteristics

JADEWIN UVP is a highly effective chemical additive with the following properties:

UV absorption range: can effectively absorb UV rays in the wavelength range of 290-400 nm, which is the most harmful UV region of sunlight.

High absorption efficiency: capable of efficiently absorbing UV rays and converting them into harmless heat, thus preventing damage to skin and polymers from UV radiation.

Stability: JADEWIN UVP can remain stable under prolonged UV exposure and will not decompose or fail due to UV radiation.

Compatibility: JADEWIN UVP is compatible with most polymers, can be dissolved with a variety of polymer materials, does not affect the performance and appearance of polymers.

Second, the application of JADEWIN UVP

Due to its excellent properties, JADEWIN UVP has been widely used in various fields:

Personal care products: JADEWIN UVP is widely used in sunscreen, daily skin care products, and other personal care products to effectively protect the skin from UV radiation damage.

Plastic products: JADEWIN UVP can be added to plastic products, such as plastic furniture, auto parts, plastic packaging, etc., to provide long-lasting UV protection and prevent plastic from aging, fading or breaking due to UV radiation.

Paint and coating: JADEWIN UVP can be used as an additive to paint and coating to provide UV protection for surfaces to prevent color change, fading or oxidation due to UV radiation.

Third, the JADEWIN UVP on the polymer protection

JADEWIN UVP plays an important role in the protection of polymer products:

Prevent aging and deterioration: UV radiation is one of the main causes of aging and deterioration of polymers. JADEWIN UVP can effectively absorb and convert UV radiation to reduce the aging rate of polymers and extend their service life.

Maintaining appearance and performance: UV radiation may cause color change, fading and physical property degradation on polymer surfaces. By adding JADEWIN UVP, the appearance and performance of polymer products can be kept stable, so that they remain beautiful and functional for a long time.

Provide safety protection: In outdoor activities and work, the damage to human skin caused by UV radiation cannot be ignored. By using polymer products containing JADEWIN UVP, it can provide additional skin protection and reduce the risk of skin damage from UV radiation.


JADEWIN UVP, an ultraviolet absorber, plays an important role in personal care products, plastic products and coatings as an ideal UV protection partner with high absorption efficiency, stability and compatibility. By adding JADEWIN UVP, we can effectively protect skin from UV radiation and extend the life of polymer products, while providing safe and reliable protection. Let's choose JADEWIN UVP and enjoy healthy, beautiful and long-lasting UV protection.