The widespread use of polymeric materials in food packaging and container manufacturing offers a lightweight, robust and cost-effective solution. However, aggregated combustible materials are prone to fading and reconciliation when exposed to UV radiation, which poses a challenge to food safety and material durability. To address this issue, JADEWIN LS 944 has been widely adopted to provide excellent light stabilization capabilities and ensure the quality and safety of food contact materials.

JADEWIN LS 944 belongs to the light stabilizer class of absorbent light stabilizers. When the aggregated combustion material is exposed to purple external illumination, JADEWIN LS 944 can fully absorb the UV energy and convert it into heat energy. This conversion process efficiently reduces the effect of a little UV radiation on the aggregated combustion material, from reducing the fading and decoloration process of the material.

JADEWIN LS 944 is mainly used in aggregated combustion, such as aggregated ethyl combustion, aggregated ethyl combustion, etc.. It can be used in injection molding, blow molding, rejecting and other processing processes, often used with other processing agents (such as antioxidants, oxygenators, etc.) ingredients to provide high material stability and mechanical properties. In the field of food packaging, JADEWIN LS 944 is commonly used in the production of food bags, plastic bottles, containers, lids, etc. to ensure food safety.

JADEWIN LS 944 has been approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for the production of food contact materials. In China, JADEWIN LS 944 has also passed the relevant safety evaluation. It is used in the aggregated combustion concentration is usually between 0.1% and 0.5%, and is not easily dissolved from the material, so there is no significant risk to human health.

In conclusion, JADEWIN LS 944 is a low-toxic, highly efficient light stabilizer that is widely used in the production of food contact materials. The material is not damaged by UV light and provides high material stability and mechanical properties.