JADEWIN UV NP3 is an excellent additive for polyurethane products and corset sponges. It can effectively absorb UV rays, improve the weathering resistance and stability of polyurethane products and prolong their service life, and also protect the color and texture of corset sponges.

JADEWIN UV NP3 is an efficient and stable additive that can resist UV rays, prevent aging, discoloration and cracking of polyurethane products, and improve the durability of the products. In corset sponges, JADEWIN UV NP3 can maintain the softness and comfort of corset sponges, while preventing the sponge material from losing elasticity and toughness due to UV exposure.

JADEWIN UV NP3 is easy to apply, as it can be added to polyurethane products or corset sponges in appropriate amounts without affecting the texture or appearance of the product. In addition, JADEWIN UV NP3 has a long service life, protecting the stability and reliability of the product in various environments.

In conclusion, JADEWIN UV NP3 is an excellent additive for the manufacture of polyurethane products and corset sponges to improve the durability, stability and reliability of products, making it an essential choice for manufacturing high-quality products.