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With the progress of automobile production technology, both the market and consumers need higher durability and more environmentally compatible technology, which also promotes the emergence of new methods and the continuous innovation of product development and application technology. Today, there is a clear preference across the industry for products and processes that combine safety with high performance.


Matsuhara's ULTRAVIOLET absorbent (UVA) absorbs the energy from ultraviolet radiation, thereby protecting the polymer and dissipating the energy as heat through reversible chemical recombination. Use HALS and UVA together to achieve the desired uv protection. Hydroxybenzoate light stabilizers are free radical scavengers and can also be used as uv absorbers in some cases. Hydroxybenzoate light stabilizers can be used in conjunction with HALS to play a synergistic role to achieve excellent performance.

SONGSORB® 2908 and SONGSORB® 7120 are both hydroxybenzoate light stabilizers, which are benzoate uv absorbers for plastics. Their higher intrinsic photostability compared to other obstructed phenols makes them suitable for use in combination with obstructed amine light stabilizers (HALS).

It is well known that hydroxybenzoate light stabilizers and HALS play a synergistic role in the stabilization of polypropylene. In particular, the combination of low molecular weight HALS and hydroxybenzoate light stabilizers has a better effect. This synergistic effect suggests that hydroxybenzoate light stabilizers are more effective than HALS in scavenging certain free radical types involved in degradation processes.


Due to its low melting point and aliphatic properties, SONGSORB® 2908 offers excellent compatibility, low chromatism and low volatility. SONGSORB® 7120, a hydroxybenzoate light stabilizer, absorbs UV radiation through a reversible chemical rearrangement.

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