Introduction and application of UV ABSORBER 360


JADEWIN 360 is a kind of high efficiency ultraviolet absorption agent, can be widely and a variety of resins compatible, has a very low volatility, no color change no pollution in the processing temperature under the non-volatile ultraviolet absorption agent, and light yellow solid powder synergism when used with light stabilizer, insoluble in water, soluble in ester benzene solvents, with high thermal stability.


JADEWIN 360 recommended dosage is 0.2-10%, depending on the performance requirements of the matrix material and the final product. It can be used alone or mixed with other additives, and the mixed use effect with blocked amine light stabilizer is very significant.




Features and applications of JADEWIN 360:

JADEWIN 360 is a highly effective UV ABSORBER for 300-400nm, with a highly efficient light stabilization-converting ultraviolet light into heat energy by photochemical action.

●Excellent heat resistance.

●Specifically for areas requiring low volatilization and high weather resistance.

●Especially suitable for high processing temperature polymer such as polycarbonate (PC) system.

●The high molecular weight can effectively prevent the precipitation and migration on the mold and the lip.

●Recommended for acrylic resin,PET, polycarbonate (PC), or modified polyphenyl ether or sulfide compound, polyamide, polyolefin, styrene, elastomer and high performance plastics.

●Store in a cool, dry and ventilated place; Avoid direct sunlight.