Everyone is familiar with blue light, which is a part of natural visible light. Sunlight and electronic screens can emit blue light. Now, mobile phone toughened film glasses, lenses and lenses that prevent blue light are all necessities in our life.


JADEWIN LQ01 is a liquid blue absorbent with a high absorption peak at 310-440nm, covering the lens category of mobile phone film lenses.

The product specifications are as follows:


Appearance                           Light Yellow Liquid

Content                                   30%min.

PH                                            6.50-7.00

Specific Gravity                         1.00 

Absorption wavelength             310-440nm

Heat Resistant                        300DC min

JADEWIN LQ01 works on the following two principles


1.Base material absorption: Blue light factor (blue light absorber) is added into the base material of the lens to absorb the harmful blue light in life and realize the protection purpose of blue light barrier.

2.Film reflection: the lens surface is coated to reflect the harmful blue light through the film to achieve the purpose of blue light barrier protection.


Our JADEWIN LQ01 also has the following characteristics:

Excellent heat resistance, especially in the field of low volatile and high weather resistance, suitable for all kinds of film materials, optical film adhesives, optical coatings,AB adhesives, pressure sensitive adhesives, etc.