Introduction and application of UV ABSORBER 328


JADEWIN 328 is a kind of light yellow powder solid, which can effectively absorb ultraviolet radiation of 220-340 nanometers, but rarely absorb visible light. It has good thermal stability and optical stability, light color, non-toxic compatibility, low volatile and easy to process.


JADEWIN 328 is a kind of organic compound that can absorb ultraviolet light which is sensitive to polymer strongly, and can change the energy into harmless heat form. It emits ultraviolet absorber. 328 is a kind of organic compound that can absorb ultraviolet which is harmful to polymer strongly selectively and has high light resistance.



ASSAY     99.00MIN


ASH     0.10MAX



460nm     97.00MIN

500nm     98.00MIN

JADEWIN 328 widely used in PP PE PVC PS 328 PC organic glass polypropylene fiber and vinyl acetate, etc., for phenolic resin and alkyd varnish classes polyester polyurethane acrylic epoxy nitrocellulose and other air drying products and automotive repair paint powder coating rubber products, such as grinding effect is particularly evident in use process need not, good dispersion performance directly adding solvent or semi-finished products in the process of production of scattered 10 minutes on coating quality and the construction effect without any side effects.


* JADEWIN UV 328 is a strong absorber of ultraviolet radiation in the 290~400㎚ region and has a high degree of photostability - photochemical energy absorbed in the Ultraviolet region is dissipated as thermal energy.

* Features strong UV absorption, low initial color, good solubility in plasticizers and monomers, moderately low volatility, and excellent compatibility in a wide variety of substrates.

* Recommended for use in polyolefins, PVC, styrene homo and copolymers, ABS,acrylic polymers, unsaturated polyesters, thermoplastic urethanes, moisture curedpolyurethanes, polyacetals, polyvinylbutyral, two component epoxies and urethanes,oil alkyds and thermosetting acrylic enamels.