JADEWIN NPAL510 is a highly efficient polymerization inhibitor, mainly used in the polymerization inhibition of olefin resins. It has a wide range of application prospects in a variety of industrial applications, especially in coatings, adhesives, photoresists, printing inks, printing plates, and unsaturated polyester resins, vinyl monomers, acrylate oligomers and other formulation systems with excellent performance.

The main properties of JADEWIN NPAL510:

1. Highly efficient polymerization inhibitor: JADEWIN NPAL510 can effectively inhibit the polymerization reaction and prolong the storage period and service life of the material.

2. Low additive level: In the formulation system, the additive level of JADEWIN NPAL510 is very low, usually 0.01% to 0.10%, which not only ensures its polymerization inhibition effect, but also does not significantly increase the cost.

3. Wide applicability: suitable for a variety of chemical systems, including coatings, adhesives, photoresists, printing inks, unsaturated polyester resins, vinyl monomers and acrylate oligomers.

Application areas:

1. Coatings

JADEWIN NPAL510 is widely used in the coating industry to prevent the polymerization reaction of coatings during storage and use, ensuring the stability and use of coatings. Due to its low dosage, it does not significantly affect the physical properties of coatings.

 2. Adhesives

JADEWIN NPAL510 also has important applications in adhesive formulations. It can effectively inhibit the polymerization reaction in adhesives, extend the storage period of adhesives, and ensure their stability and adhesion properties during application.

3. Photoresists and printing inks

The use of JADEWIN NPAL510 in photoresists and printing inks prevents undesired polymerization of materials during manufacturing and storage, thus ensuring their precise pattern formation and printing quality.

 4. Unsaturated polyester resins and vinyl monomers

In the manufacture of unsaturated polyester resins and vinyl monomers, JADEWIN NPAL510 is used to prevent spontaneous polymerization of resins and monomers during storage, ensuring long-term stability and processability of the materials.

 5. Acrylate oligomers

JADEWIN NPAL510 is equally important in acrylate oligomers. It prevents unwanted polymerization of the oligomer during storage and processing, thereby improving product quality and performance.