JADEWIN UV 360--Can absorb 300-400nm


JADEWIN UV 360 is a highly effective UV absorber specifically designed to absorb UV light in the wavelength range of 300-400 nm. This absorber is particularly suitable for polymer materials with high processing temperatures, such as polycarbonate (PC) systems, due to its low volatility and high weatherability properties.

Performance features

- Broad Spectrum Absorption: JADEWIN UV 360 effectively absorbs UV rays in the 300-400 nm range, providing comprehensive UV protection.

- Low volatility: Very low volatility during high temperature processing ensures stable material properties.

- High weatherability: maintains excellent performance under long-term exposure to sunlight, preventing material deterioration and discolouration.

- Thermal stability: Suitable for high temperature processing environments, especially for polymers with high processing temperatures such as polycarbonate.

Areas of Application

The unique properties of JADEWIN UV 360 make it widely used in a variety of high-performance plastics and composites, specifically including:

1. acrylic resins: improve the UV resistance of acrylic resins and extend their service life.

2. polyethylene terephthalate (PET): used in PET materials, it can significantly improve its UV resistance and prevent material degradation.

3. polycarbonate (PC): particularly suitable for high processing temperature polycarbonate materials, to improve its UV resistance and weather resistance.

4. modified polyphenylene ether or sulphide: enhances the UV absorption of these materials and extends their service life.

5. polyamide: improve the weather resistance and UV stability of polyamide materials.

6. polyolefins: used in polyolefin materials such as polyethylene and polypropylene to prevent their ageing and discolouration under UV exposure.

7. styrene: to enhance the UV resistance of styrene materials for outdoor applications.

8. elastomers: to improve the weathering and UV resistance of elastomeric materials.

9. High Performance Plastics: Used in a variety of high performance plastics to provide excellent UV protection and weathering resistance.

Recommended Use Levels

The recommended use level of JADEWIN UV 360 is 0.1% to 1.0% depending on the material and application area. The specific use amount should be adjusted according to the specific needs of the material and processing conditions to achieve the best UV protection.


JADEWIN UV 360 can be added directly during polymer processing or used in conjunction with other additives and stabilisers to ensure that it is uniformly dispersed in the substrate to provide optimum protection.

Safety and Storage

JADEWIN UV 360 should be stored in a cool, dry environment, away from direct sunlight and high temperature environments. Handling should be protected from direct contact with skin and eyes.

With its excellent performance, JADEWIN UV 360 is widely used in a variety of high-performance plastics and composite materials to provide comprehensive UV protection and extend the service life of the material, which is an important part of modern high-performance materials.