JADEWIN UV384-2 is a superior benzotriazole UV absorber with excellent heat and extraction resistance properties, making it an ideal choice, especially for industrial and automotive coatings where weathering resistance is critical. Its superior performance allows it to excel in complex environments and harsh conditions.

Key features and benefits:

1.High Temperature Resistance: JADEWIN UV384-2 has excellent high temperature resistance and is able to remain stable under extreme temperature conditions. This makes it an ideal additive for high temperature industrial coatings, ensuring that the coating maintains its performance and appearance over a long period of time.

2.Anti-Extraction Properties:JADEWIN  UV384-2 exhibits excellent anti-extraction properties, allowing it to perform well in environments where there is a risk of chemical extraction. This is critical for maintaining stability and durability in coatings, especially in industrial and automotive applications.

3.Suitable for Waterborne Systems: JADEWIN UV384-2 is easily emulsified for use in waterborne coating systems. This facilitates the development of waterborne industrial and automotive paints and ensures excellent performance under environmental and sustainability requirements.

4.Excellent UV Absorption: As a benzotriazole UV absorber, JADEWIN UV384-2 effectively absorbs UV rays and prevents them from damaging the coating. This helps to extend the service life of the coating and improve the weatherability of the product.

5.Widely used areas: JADEWIN UV384-2 has a wide range of applications in industrial and automotive coatings, especially for scenarios with high demands on coating performance and appearance. Its multifunctionality makes it an important component in coating formulations.

The introduction of JADEWIN UV384-2 not only enhances the overall performance of the coating, but also meets the stringent requirements for weathering resistance, high temperature stability and chemical resistance. The wide range of applications in different fields makes JADEWIN UV384-2 an indispensable and innovative product in the coatings industry, driving the industry towards higher performance and environmental friendliness.