JADEWIN AN245 is widely used in industries such as styrene, synthetic rubber and polyvinyl chloride (PVC) to prevent the process of thermal oxidative degradation. This antioxidant is a chemical substance whose primary function is to extend the life of these materials in processing and use by protecting them from the adverse effects of oxygen oxidation.

The following is a description of the application of JADEWIN AN245 in these materials:

Styrene: JADEWIN AN245 plays a key role in the production and processing of styrene. Styrene is commonly used in the manufacture of plastics, rubber and other chemical products. JADEWIN AN245 is effective against the adverse effects of high temperature and oxygen oxidation on styrene and helps maintain its physical properties and chemical stability.

Synthetic Rubber: JADEWIN AN245 also plays an important role in the synthetic rubber industry. Rubber products are usually affected by temperature, humidity and oxygen during use, and are prone to aging and oxygen oxidation. The addition of JADEWIN AN245 slows down these unfavorable processes, extending the service life of rubber products and reducing the occurrence of cracking and hardening.

PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride): PVC is a commonly used plastic for a wide range of applications such as pipes, cables, windows and other construction and engineering materials. In the preparation and processing of PVC, JADEWIN AN245 helps prevent its oxidative degradation at high temperatures, thus maintaining the strength and durability of the material.

In short, JADEWIN AN245 acts as an antioxidant to provide protection to materials such as styrene, synthetic rubber and PVC, extending their service life and reducing degradation and damage caused by oxygen oxidation. This chemical plays an important role in industry by helping to maintain the quality and performance of products and reducing the cost of production and maintenance. When using JADEWIN AN245, regulations and recommendations should be followed to ensure safety and environmental protection.