With the continuous progress of modern science and technology, the application field of Optical Brightener is not only limited to plastics, washing, paper making, printing and dyeing, paint and ink, but also widely used in leather. It can improve the whiteness or brightness of leather products, and improve the appearance and use performance of leather.

The bleached and tanned white leather still has a dark feeling. To obtain high whiteness leather products, you must also go through the treatment of optical brightener to make its surface absorb a layer of  optical brightener, use the  optical brightener to absorb ultraviolet light in the sun, and then emit visible fluorescence in the blue purple light zone, so that the gray white leather not only has pure white color, good fastness, but also has a bright feeling, The processing method of this  optical brightener overcomes the disadvantages of using the covering power of white pigment to improve the whiteness of leather surface in the early days, such as the surface coating is not resistant to friction, has poor fastness, and is easy to fall off.

Leather fluorescent brightener:

The leather whitening and brightening process is extremely complex, with more than 20 processes. In actual production, the bleaching, whitening and brightening processes can only be carried out after shunting, soaking, degreasing, shaving, re soaking, and re degreasing. When whitening and brightening, the optical brightener and formic acid are mixed into a paste and added into the treatment bath. The product is treated at 35 ℃ for 2.5h. After whitening, the whiteness and color light are required to be uniform and uniform. After the bath, the product is dried and the flap is facing outward.After the above treatment, the products can be tanned, dried, stretched, oiled, kicked, dry cleaned, rolled sawdust, rotated cage, ground leather, brightener, rotated cage, stretched, dedusted, and reshaped, so as to obtain the goods.

Source: Subang optical brightener