Analysis on current situation and development prospect of bio-chemical industry in 2022


In the current era of rapid development of biotechnology into commodities, the development of biochemical industry is very rapid. Countries around the world have been competing to carry out biochemical research and development work, establish independent government agencies, set up research organizations, formulate short-term and long-term development plans, and give a lot of policy and financial support. At the same time, many large chemical enterprises are investing huge sums of money and huge scientific and technological strength in the research of biochemical technology. Biochemical technology is an effective means to realize the transformation of production mode, product structure adjustment and efficient manufacturing in Chinese chemical industry.

At present, China has increased its research input in the field of biochemical technology, and has made important achievements in the targeted transformation of biocatalysts, large-scale biocatalytic technology systems, biological materials and bio-energy. At present, China has formed a modern biological industry group, bio-plastics, bio-energy, bio-based chemical materials and other industries develop rapidly.

At present, the bio-chemical industry is involved in a wide range, and with the continuous expansion of its market economic value, more and more enterprises are engaged in the production of bio-chemical industry. At present, most of the biochemical products are concentrated in the field of biopharmaceutical and medical applications. For example common antibiotic, interferon, auxin and all sorts of amino acid and polypeptide long chain synthesis, saccharification enzyme, protease, penicillinase and so on are important products. With the continuous development of biochemical industry, new product types appear almost every day, which greatly expands the biochemical product market in China.

Biochemistry plays an important role in the development of industrial technology progress and industrial adjustment. The development of bio-chemical industry will effectively promote the transformation and progress of bio-technology and chemical production technology, and produce huge economic and social benefits. In the future, 20%-30% of chemical process will be replaced by biotechnology process, and biotechnology industry will become an important chemical industry. In the future, with the improvement of domestic biotechnology level and the acceleration of the industrialization process of related technologies, China's biochemical industry may usher in a new period of development. It is expected that in the next few years, the biochemical industry, as an important component of the biological industry, will achieve considerable development in the future, with breakthroughs in industry technology and production scale, and a considerable market prospect. - Excerpted from China Research Network