Polymer additive - anti - yellowing agent


Polymer additive - anti - yellowing agent

Textiles are indispensable in our life. However, yellowing of textiles in the process of storage, transportation and wearing will directly lead to economic losses, so yellowing resistance is always a problem faced by the textile and apparel industry

There are two kinds of photoyellowing and phenolic yellowing in textiles.

Light yellowing refers to the color yellowing of textile surface caused by sunlight or ultraviolet light. Phenolic yellowing refers to the yellowing of the fabric by the action of nitrogen oxide or phenolic compounds.

In surveys, white fabrics sometimes yellowed in storage. In the yellowing part after acid treatment, the yellow disappeared and returned to the original white, if the drop of lye again yellow. The results showed that it was mainly caused by phenolic yellowing.

The main causes of phenolic yellow: The antioxidant BHT (2, 6-di-tert-butyl-p-cresol) commonly used in packaging materials reacts with nitrogen oxides (NOx) in the air to produce DTNP (2, 6-di-tert-butyl-p-nitrophenol). DTNP is colorless in acidic state, and easily sublimated and transferred at room temperature. When alkaline substances are encountered, it immediately turns yellow

Therefore, the anti-yellowing agent 130 launched by our company for the textile industry can effectively prevent raw materials from yellowing. The product has good selectivity to nitric oxide (NO) and nitrogen dioxide (NO2), which can effectively prevent yellowing of raw materials and some polymer surfaces during processing.

JADEWIN HN 130 anti-yellowing agent

Product pictures

Chemical composition

Chemical name

1, 6-hexamethyl-bis (N, N-dimethylcarbamide)

CAS: 69938-76-7

Molecular formula: C12H28N6O2

Molecular weight: 288

The chemical structure

Specifications and physical characteristics

Specification unit standard

Appearance white powder meets

Melting point 140.0 145.0 ℃

Content % 98.00 or higher

Volatile fraction % ≤0.30

Chromaticity Hazen 50 or less

Product features and applications

● Organic polymer anti-yellowing agent

● Gas stabilizer: the product has good selectivity to nitric oxide (NO), nitrogen dioxide (NO2), which can effectively prevent the yellowing phenomenon on the polymer surface during processing

● Used as anti-yellowing agent in polyurethane materials; Used as light stabilizer in polyamide materials; It is used as a heat stabilizer in polyethylene glycol system.


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