Car sunscreen - Light stabilizer


Car sunscreen - Light stabilizer

In the automotive industry, the role of modified plastics is becoming more and more obvious.

Most of the interior and exterior accessories of cars are made of modified plastics, such as PP ABS PA, PC POM, PBT, PRT and PVC, which are widely used in all automotive plastics. The highest score is PP, which accounts for 37%, followed by PA which accounts for 17.3%, and ABS resin which accounts for 12.3%.

Because PP TPU ABS overall accounted for over 50%, and because of the PP structure side methyl ABS structure of unsaturated double bonds in its material itself compared to other modified plastics more easily aging, so the car modification material stabilizing treatment mainly revolves around these three materials can block or absorb ultraviolet energy, quenching singlet oxygen and hydrogen peroxide into the active substances, and other functions, make the polymer under the radiation of light, can eliminate or reduce possibility of photochemical reaction, prevent or delay the aging process, light so as to achieve the aim of extending the service life of the polymer products.

In order to get better protection of the car in the hot summer, the stabilizer is the essential sunblock stabilizer in the automobile industry.


JADEWIN UV 2908 through the capture mechanism of free radical in the process of hot working process and moderate warming has antioxidant activity, the polymer can be effectively protected, and excellent compatibility and low color change appears low volatile, low toxicity and phenolic phosphite antioxidants and series of hindered amine light stabilizer used jointly, in order to improve the outdoor weatherability of the product can effectively eliminate polymer of hydrogen peroxide, and uv absorber and antioxidants have better synergy because of its unique properties, so have a great effect in car sunscreen.