Introduction and application of JADEWIN LS119


Introduction and application of JADEWIN LS119

How much do you know about light stabilizers? Now I would like to introduce one of our products, JADEWIN LS119.

Light stabilizer is mainly to inhibit or weaken the photodegradation of plastic products, improve the weatherability of plastic products in the ultraviolet ray of sunlight to the plastic damage is the largest, in addition to the polymer impurities or hair color group can also promote the polymer photooxidation degradation.Our company JADEWIN LS119 is polymerized blocked amine light stabilizer (HALS), effective in a variety of polymers and USES the following product specifications.

* JADEWIN LS119 is a high molecular weight hindered amine light stabilizer (HALS) which is effective in a broad range of polymers and applications, including polyolefins (PE, PP), TPO, styrenic polymers (ABS, ASA), polyamide fibers,polyurethanes, and elastomers.

*The advantages of the product render it particularly useful in PE-based agricultural films, PP fibers, and talc-filled PP and TPO automotive parts. It is also useful in powder coatings where it contributes to the triboelectric effect as well as providing light stability.

*JADEWIN LS119 shows a performance synergy with other light stabilizers, including low molecular weight HALS (e.g. JADEWIN LS770 , JADEWIN UV3853), high molecular weight HALS (especially JADEWIN LS622), benzoates, and UV absorbers.

* For additional information please consult the Material safety Data Sheet

-Tertiary HALS having reduced interaction with agricultural chemicals, fillers,pigments, and other additives as compared to conventional HALS

-Provides outstanding thermal oxidative stability as well as light stability in polyolefins, especially in talc-filled PP and TPO.

-Non-discoloring, low volatility and excellent resistance to migration.