In particular, with the development of a variety of new and high-efficiency plastics, special-purpose and functional plastics, they are developing rapidly and rapidly. At present, the development of antioxidants for plastics industry is in progress.

    Olic antioxidants are the most widely used antioxidants in plastics. As a basic phenolic antioxidant, 2,6-di-tert-butylphenol (BHT) has been decreasing year by year due to its low molecular weight, high volatility and yellowing.

   A main products of jiedejia are Songyuan 1010 and 1076   

Antioxidant 1010       characteristic

Antioxidan 1076        characteristic


As an auxiliary antioxidant, Songyuan 168 is the main general-purpose variety of jiedejia. The development focus of phosphite antioxidants is to improve the hydrolytic stability. As the traditional phosphite is easy to hydrolyze, which affects the storage and application performance, improving the hydrolytic stability of phosphite has always been the research and development focus of antioxidants. High molecular weight phosphite products have been developed, which have the characteristics of low volatility, high precipitation resistance and high durability. The main auxiliary compound antioxidant is composed of phosphite and phenolic antioxidant to give full play to the synergistic effect.

Antioxidan 168        characteristic

The proportion of plastic additives in plastic products is less than 8%, but the improvement and improvement of the processing and application performance of plastic products is beyond doubt. Nowadays, a wide range of plastic products almost no exception reflects the function and role of plastic additives.

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