Safety is an eternal theme, and it is the most important and basic requirement of human beings. production safety is not only the guarantee of people's life and health, but also the basis of the survival and development of enterprises, but also the prerequisite of social stability and economic development. 
"Safety" is a life motto that we should keep in mind all the time. "pay attention to safety at work" is an exhortation from my wife and children. My parents always earnestly told me that "you must pay attention to safety" before leaving, and "the responsibility for safety is more important than Mount Tai." this is the belief that we scrupulously abide by when we go to work every day. For our chemical industry, the significance of "safety" lies in the safe production of products in the process of production. as a member of the chemical industry, no matter where you are, no matter whether your surroundings are dangerous or not, you should be vigilant and pay attention to safety. a technical mistake, a defect, or even a small oversight may put the life in the whole factory at risk. Therefore, we must emphasize "safety". It is "safety" that escorts our chemical industry and makes our chemical enterprises continue to move towards tomorrow.
The lack of safety knowledge and the lack of safety awareness always let us see and hear scenes of bloody lessons. The safety work of "the sign of the front car and the teacher of the rear car" has only a starting point and no end. Safe and good order is the most concentrated embodiment of the development of our enterprises and the continuous improvement of the living standards of our staff and workers. People who do not understand "safety first" will not live safely in the world. Only safety will have gains and happiness. Security is the most basic condition for people's survival and development. Only when everyone pays attention to safety and attaches importance to safety, can we really have a safe and happy life. 
We are about to usher in our Lunar New year. On this day of national celebration, we must keep "safety" in mind. Pass on the safety knowledge to every employee, let us remember that the safety alarm bell is always ringing, and safety is with me, so that every employee can have a good year.