JADEWIN UV312 is a UV absorber of the oxalyltiphenylamine series, which is widely used in the plastics and coatings industries. Its applications in various plastics include polyamide, PVC (rigid and flexible), polyester (thermoplastic and thermosetting), polyurethane, adhesives and seals. It is also suitable for use in powder and solvent-based coatings and has a wide range of applications in automotive, industrial and architectural paints.

The advantages of JADEWIN UV312 lie in its excellent light stabilisation and colour protection properties for plastic coating applications. The product shows better results than conventional UV absorbers even in alkaline and metal catalyst environments. This enables the plastic products to maintain their original colour and appearance when exposed to ultraviolet rays for a long time outdoors, prolonging their service life and improving the quality and market competitiveness of the products.

In addition, the application of JADEWIN UV312 helps to prevent plastic products from aging, deterioration and discolouration due to UV irradiation, thus protecting the physical properties and aesthetic appearance of the products. It also effectively reduces the effect of UV rays on the transparency and light transmittance of plastic materials and improves the transparency and gloss of the materials, making them more suitable for various application scenarios.

Overall, the application of JADEWIN UV312 in the plastic products and coatings industry provides strong protection for the products, extends their service life, improves the appearance quality and enhances their market competitiveness. Its excellent performance and wide applicability make it one of the preferred UV absorbers for many plastics and coatings manufacturers.