In modern industry, the requirements for weathering resistance of coatings and automotive paints are increasing. JADEWIN UV1130, as a benzotriazole UV absorber, not only has excellent UV absorbing ability, but also has unique high temperature resistance and anti-extraction properties, which make it stand out in the field of industrial and automotive coatings.

**Properties and Advantages:**

1. Advanced benzotriazole technology: JADEWIN UV1130 adopts benzotriazole compounds to provide strong UV absorbing ability and comprehensive protection for coatings.

2. High Temperature Resistance: The product has high temperature resistance properties and is suitable for a variety of high-temperature processes, ensuring that the coating remains stable under extreme conditions.

3. Anti-extraction properties: JADEWIN UV1130 has excellent anti-extraction properties in the coating, effectively preventing the coating components from being damaged by the action of chemical substances and prolonging the service life of the coating.

4. Inhibit light loss, cracking, blistering, peeling and discolouration: In practical application, JADEWIN UV1130 has a significant inhibition of light loss, cracking, blistering, peeling and discolouration of coatings, which makes the coating more durable.

**Widely used areas:

JADEWIN UV1130 is widely used in the field of industrial coatings and automotive paints that require weather resistance. It plays an important role in automotive exterior paint, building exterior paint, outdoor equipment surface paint, etc. It provides long-lasting UV protection for paints in these fields and protects the colours for a long period of time without deterioration.