Job title: Foreign Trade Sales Supervisor/Marketing Supervisor

①Job Requirements: Full-time bachelor degree or above, at least 5 years-experience in international trade industry, team management ability, experience and technical background in chemical industry are preferred; CET-6 or above, excellent communication skills in business oral English and foreign trade, no barrier to communication with foreign customers

②Main Responsibilities: Presided over the daily management of the Ministry of Foreign Trade; Formulate and plan import and export business processes, collect and analyze important industry information and data, and actively explore domestic and foreign markets; Responsible for signing large trade contracts and supervising the execution of contracts, and handling related business matters; Contact and maintenance of important customers

③Major: International Economy And Trade/English/ Chemical Industry Chemistry/Polymer Materials

④Treatment: Salary interview, weekend double holidays, legal holidays, high temperature subsidies, heating subsidies, birthday benefits, holiday benefits, performance bonuses, etc. After the internship, if both parties are satisfied, they will be given priority to be employed as regular employees of our company, with five insurances and one fund to provide housing subsidies.


Contact: 0532-68077006

Location: Aux Square, No 37 Shuyuan Road, Licang District, Qingdao