The new chain extender HER (Hybrid Elasticity Reinforcer) with its aromatic structure brings an excellent balance of durability, elasticity and plasticity to elastomeric materials with its outstanding performance and environmental friendliness, while significantly reducing the negative effects of shrinkage.

The heart of the JADEWIN HER in its unique aromatic structure. Aromatic compounds are characterized by high intermolecular stability and strong electron conjugation effects, which give JADEWIN HER extenders excellent physical properties and chemical stability. This structure enables the JADEWIN HER to effectively interact with elastomeric materials to enhance their structural stability and mechanical properties.

On the one hand, JADEWIN HER effectively increases the modulus of elasticity and tensile strength of elastomeric materials by forming strong cross-links with the elastomeric materials, thereby imparting a durable elasticity to the materials. This long-lasting elasticity enables the material to maintain its original shape and properties over a long period of time, thus prolonging the service life of the material. On the other hand, JADEWIN HER also limits the occurrence of shrinkage and reduces dimensional changes during the preparation and use of the material, thus ensuring the precision and stability of the product.

At the same time, JADEWIN HER gives the material great elasticity without sacrificing environmental friendliness. Compared with traditional chain extenders, JADEWIN HER's unique structure and molecular design allows the material to maintain a certain degree of plasticity, enabling it to adapt to more application scenarios and needs. This environmentally friendly plasticity not only facilitates the recycling of materials, but also helps to reduce energy consumption and environmental pollution in the material preparation process.

The emergence of the JADEWIN HER brings a broad prospect for the application of materials in various fields. In the field of automobile manufacturing, JADEWIN HER can be applied to tires, suspension systems and other components to enhance the comfort and safety of vehicles. In the field of construction materials, JADEWIN HER can be used in resilient flooring, sound insulation materials, etc. to improve the quality of indoor environment. In addition, medical devices, sports equipment, clothing and other fields are also expected to benefit from the excellent performance of JADEWIN HER.

To summarize, JADEWIN HER, a new type of chain extender with an aromatic structure, brings new development opportunities to the field of materials science with its characteristics of long-lasting elasticity, environmental friendly plasticity and shrinkage control.