Blue absorbent is a special pigment designed to absorb blue light. This light is very harsh to the human eye and is the main cause of the yellow color of plastic parts. Using blue light absorber type 2236, you can effectively eliminate this blue light, leaving your plastic parts with their original color, unchanged yellow for a long time, and maintaining their strength and beauty. In addition, 2236 blue light absorbent also has low toxicity and environmental protection properties, so it will not cause pollution to the environment and human health. It is a reliable, safe and efficient blue light absorber, which is the ideal choice for you to choose a high quality absorber.

Product specification

appearance                                  Bright yellow crystalline powder

content                                           99% or higher

Melting point                                  > 200℃

Wavelength absorption range          315-440nm

Drying weight loss                            0.2% Max

Product characteristics and applications

BL 2366 is a highly efficient blue light absorber for optical lenses, optical films, optical pressure sensitive adhesives, polarizers and paints.


⚫ has good compatibility with resins

⚫ low color

⚫ Low volatility

It is recommended to add 0.05% ~ 2%

BL 2366 Ultraviolet absorption spectrum