Chemical composition

The chemical name is 3-(4-methylbenzene) -camphor

CAS 36861-47-9

Molecular formula C18H220

The molecular weight of 254.3667

The chemical structure

Specifications and physical characteristics

Specification unit standard

Appearance White powder

Melting point ℃. 66-68

The moisture % 0.5

The density of 1.064 g/ml

The boiling point of 371.9 ° C

Content % 99.00 or higher

The refractive index of 1.583

Product features and applications

Widely used in sunscreen products, can be made into sunscreen and sunscreen emulsion, add amount: Max. 4%.

OMC can be used together to prepare high SPF water-resistant sunscreen products.

As an oil soluble UN- B absorbent, it is an effective light stabilizer.

● Store in a cool, dry and ventilated place; Avoid direct sunlight.

● For more information, please refer to the safety technical manual.


25 kg a barrel

Handling and storage

Please consult the safety data sheet before handling or using the product.

Shelf life is one year if properly stored in a dry area below 25°C

The statement

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