Introduction and application of UV absorbent UVA PLUS


JADEWIN UVA Plus is a broad band oil soluble uv absorbent, this product has a strong uv absorption of the entire UVA band (320-400nm), the maximum absorption peak of 354nm. It is one of the best uv absorbers in UVA band.

JADEWIN UVA Plus has superior light stability compared to JADEWIN UV1789(Avobenzone). Due to the limitation of avobenzone's structure, the absorption performance of avobenzone under ULTRAVIOLET light is greatly reduced. Therefore, JADEWIN MC80(p-butyl cinnamate) and JADEWIN HMS(Humolliester) have to be used for protection in the application process. The molecular structure of JADEWIN UVA Plus has good resonance and hydrogen ion transfer effect, and the molecular structure will not be destroyed in the process of uv absorption by the absorber, so it can play a long-term protection.


2-(4-Diethylamino-2-hydroxybenzoyl)- benzoic acid hexylester








-UVA band has higher absorption effect

- Strong protection against free radicals produced by ultraviolet light

- Good light stability to maintain performance over long periods of time


JADEWIN UVA Plus can be used in conjunction with the UVB band absorbent JADEWIN UVT150 to quickly increase SPF.

JADEWIN UVA Plus is used in sunscreen, hair care products, medical skin care products, etc