The Mascot Of Qingdao Jade New Material Technology Co., Ltd


At the beginning of 2020, Qingdao Jade New Material Technology Co., Ltd. Have our own mascot. As the picture, a cute boy. The prototype of the mascot is "jade", which symbolizes stability and outstanding quality. Jade is "the beauty of stone", which is warm, delicate and tough. The mascot is light green and inlaid with our company's logo.
Corporate mascots have two identities, one is the cultural attribute based on corporate connotation, and another is the product attribute based on commercial circulation. The former should be able to better reflect the personality of the brand and establish the cultural impression of brand exclusiveness; the latter needs to be a communication medium convenient for circulation and produce emotional resonance with consumers. As the carrier of corporate culture, the mascot's personality image is conducive to highlighting the corporate spirit, enhancing the internal cohesion and fighting power of the enterprise, and establishing a harmonious corporate relationship; as the "spokesperson" of the corporate image, the mascot undertakes the important task of communicating with the public and promoting the corporate concept, which is conducive to improving the social awareness and reputation of the enterprise; as an important carrier of corporate brand publicity The accumulated positive energy can be used to provide imperceptible support for the enterprise's market development, so that the enterprise can occupy a favorable position in the market competition.

There is a proverb, JADE without chiseling will not become a useful object. We are prepared to chisel ourselves all the time, listening to the suggestions of every clients , improving all related details like production, packing,  warehouse ,logistics and etc.

Our aim is to provide excellent polymer stabilizers, serve the global polymer production market, understand customer needs, meet customer wishes, and help customers achieve product quality improvement and continuous profit growth.

In the future, we will stick to our tenet, serve every customer well, never forget our original intention and forge ahead.